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Another school year has arrived. The first week has come and gone and students are learning about book genres and are already checking out books from our vast library. Soon they will have their own web sites, blogs and be members of the amazing Goodreads community. This promises to be a wonderful year, filled with team collaboration and wonder. 

Easy video instruction: Check out our latest video about the online book community site, Goodreads.




Remember, if you're ever having a problem with your web page or this site, e-mail me at Also, students can contact me on our message board at the For Mr. Barnes Only forum topic.  Only you and I can see these posts.  


Check in regularly for new features, like this Brain Quest widget to the right or other interactive gadgets below.

At, we're always trying to keep parents and students informed about anything that may affects education and to listen to them to learn their needs.



  • book questionaire
  • spread out books from boxes
  • Select a book to preview
  • Prepare books for shared reading
  • Teach reflecting and book chat
  • teach collaboration
  • tweak ROLE presentation
  • tape genre labels to book shelves
  • Tweak Genre presentation

  • move Create thinking cube and add a page to MAX strategies
  • move vocab assessment
  • move create and copy book questionairre
  • move scan docs for NDC and Bob Everett and e-mail
  • move create navigation video for Paperless II: linking to pages and docs that are attached to other pages; making a links page; seamless flow
  • move edit ice-breaking game page
  • move check on textbooks
  • move to-do page for period one kids
  • move locker/lock stuff
  • move whitey board
  • move arrange desks